Four Mörk Borg-style GMing Tools

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I’d had a friend’s birthday come up recently, and birthdays get gifts. I’m not great with gifts but I did know this friend had recently come obsessed with the Swedish apocalyptic dark fantasy game Mörk Borg. Inspired by the very well-designed GM screen and the additional reference sheets, I opened up Adobe InDesign and made my own attempt at the classic black-and-yellow aesthetic. I’ve graciously gotten his permission to share these sheets with you. You can download the full-color version or the printer-friendly version, which doesn’t include the page colouring. Inside you’ll find tables full of heretical tomes, an assortment of mercenaries and hirelings, a generator for roadside discoveries, as well as a collection of macabre merchants.

Except for maybe the mercenaries on the second page, you should find all material useful for your (dark) fantasy gaming needs. I hope it’s useful, enjoy! Oh, and if you’re looking for more (non-heretical) books, check out 1d100 Books & Tomes!


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